Couch Covers for DogsCouch Covers for Dogs

Couch Covers for Dogs

Any dog owner knows how challenging it can be to keep couches clean. Fortunately, there are a lot of available couch covers for dogs that can protect your couch from the damage caused by pet animals and keep your living space clean. When searching for a couch cover, consider your needs and how you’ll use it. If you’re hoping to keep your couch safe from stains, accidents, and dirt, consider a water-proof or water-resistant cover. Alternatively, if your dog tends to scratch and dig, look for a cover made from thick and durable fabric. 

Your dog is part of the family, so undoubtedly, you’ll let them lounge on your couch. But since pets can leave marks of fur and mud, investing in a good couch cover can help protect your furniture. Dogs fill our homes with love and joy, but they can also wreak damage to our furniture. Whether they’re scratching the filling, crunching on the legs, or shedding hair everywhere, sometimes you need extra protection to keep your couch clean. That’s why couch covers for dogs can become functional. 

However, the choice of which furniture protector to select will depend on your dog and family needs. For example, supportive sides provide extra support and comfort for older and larger dogs, while slipcover versions offer added comfort for pressure-sensitive dogs. You might want a simple throw to cover just one section of your couch (your dog’s favorite relaxing spot), or perhaps you have a good leather or vinyl couch/sofa and you’re on the hunt for full coverage that won’t slide around. 

In this blogpost, we’ll discuss the 9 best couch covers for dogs to protect your furniture as well. 

Best Couch Covers for Dogs 

1. Couch Shield Sectional Slipcover 

When you have a sectional couch, covering those corner sections where both sides meet can be tricky, especially since it’s often the favorite spot for your dog’s lounging. The Couch Shield Sectional Slipcover is specifically designed for those corner areas. It measures 30 x 30 inches, which should fit most standard-sized sections, but be sure to measure your area for accuracy. 

The slipcover is made from reversible quilted microfiber and comes in a range of colors. Similar covers are available for couches, loveseats, and chairs so you can outfit your entire room or at least your entire sectional. It features a strap with clips to prevent slipping and sliding. When it’s time to clean, simply toss it in the washer and dryer. 


  • Fits snugly in hard-to-cover corner areas. 
  • Features a strap with clips. 
  • Comes in 12 colors. 
  • Machine washable and dryable. 


  • Not suitable for leather furniture. 

2. Orvis Grip-Tight Furniture Protector 

The Orvis Grip-Tight Furniture Protector helps maintain your couch’s cleanliness by protecting it from moisture, pet hair, and dirt. It’s a large flip cover that drapes over the couch seat and tucks in at the back, with another flip covering the back and securing between cushions. Arm and back flips have a non-slip underside and weight to prevent shifting. 

The protector is machine washable. Just be sure to remove any weight before cleaning. It comes in two sizes for couches and loveseats, with a smaller version available for chair sets. Available in three muted shades of tan and gray, they’re water-resistant to help withstand accidental spills. 


  • Non-slip back protection. 
  • Water-resistant. 
  • Non-skid back and weight to prevent shifting. 
  • Machine washable. 


  • Available in only three colors. 

3. FurHaven Petroworks Bed 

The FurHaven Waterproof Combo Protector is a quilted, waterproof cover designed to protect your couch from pet hair, moisture, and other pet-related messes. It comes in four sizes and three muted colors. Designed to fit everything from a twin to a king-sized bed, but it’s easy to remove for couch use. 

We like that the protector has three layers: a quilted cover, a waterproof middle layer, and a bottom layer with a non-skid paw print backing to prevent movement. The top layer is soft while the bottom layer is sturdy and the whole thing is machine washable. 


  • Available in three colors. 
  • It comes in four sizes. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • Machine washable. 


  • Should the air dry? 

4. Sherpa Throw Shag Blanket’s Best Friend 

If your dog loves a cozy spot but doesn’t dig beds, they’ll really love the Sherpa Throw Shag Blanket’s Best Friend. It’s made from soft shaggy material that’ll remind them of their mother’s fur. It’s not waterproof but has a water-resistant backing to protect your furniture surface. When it gets icky, you can easily toss it in the washer and dryer, and it comes out like new. 

The combo comes in two sizes and several colors. We like that it comes in both deep and light colors to match your decor or your pet’s coat. It may curl slightly at first, but that’s because dogs really like to dig into soft beds. It flattens out after a while, though. 


  • Very soft. 
  • Machine washable and dryable. 
  • It comes in two sizes and various colors. 
  • Water-resistant bottom. 


  • May shed when new. 
  • Not waterproof. 

5. Custom Couch Cover by Comfort Works 

Most couch covers for dogs need a little tucking and tugging to fit just right and stay in place. However, Custom Works’ Custom Couch Covers for dogs are made specifically for your furniture. You can order from the manufacturer – like Ikea or Pottery Barn – or have them custom-made to your exact length, width, and fit. 

Custom-fit covers are easy to remove and come in many fabrics like linen, cotton, and “kilo-proof” velvet. There are almost 80 colors to choose from. They’re pricier than off-the-rack covers and take several weeks to arrive, but buyers prefer ready-made options because they feel like they’re getting a brand-new couch. 


  • Custom fit to your furniture. 
  • Easy to remove. 
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty. 
  • You can search by furniture brand. 


  • It takes several weeks. 
  • Most expensive option. 

6. Molly Mutt Couch Covers for Dogs

Many couch covers for dogs come in solid colors so that they blend with your furniture or decor. But if you want something a bit more interesting, the Molly Mutt Couch Covers for dogs come with patterns that are fun and diverse. Choose from a dozen designs and colors including checks, squiggles, hieroglyphics, and even cartoon pops. They’re mostly neutral tones but with a splash of brighter colors.  

Each piece comes in two sizes so you can choose based on the length of your couch. The covers are made from sustainable cotton canvas with no chemicals used in their production, and they’re easy to wash in the machine. Just be sure to hang and put it smooth to dry. Adjustable straps are sold separately to prevent slipping and sliding. Molly Mutt also offers a large line of dog products including beds, bed covers, blankets, crate covers, and car seat covers. They come in lively designs and natural fabrics.  


  • Dozens of patterns 
  • Machine washable 
  • Sustainable cotton 
  • Two sizes 
  • Chemical-free 


  • Slightly pricier 

7. LL Bean Couch Covers for Dogs 

This heavy-weight, quilted LL Bean Furniture Protector comes in two sizes. It’s simple to throw on and lift. Just drape it over the arms and back of your furniture, where it seems like many dogs prefer to rest their heads. The cover is water-resistant on the front or human-facing side and is easy to wash in the machine and tumble dry. It has a non-slip backing to prevent slipping and sliding, but heavy movements of the couch may occasionally require readjustment. The cover comes in only one color, khaki, and is available in two sizes. Some users wish it came in other colors and larger sizes.  


  • Two sizes 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Quilted 
  • Machine washable 


  • Only one color 

8. Ameritex Waterproof Non Slip Recliner Cover 

You’re not alone if you want to enjoy your recliner without worrying about wear and tear. But when your furry friend shares your favorite chair, the Ameritex Waterproof Non Slip Recliner Cover can help protect it. The cover is made from five layers: microfiber that’s water-resistant on both sides, sandwiched between cotton fiber filling, waterproof material, and an extra non-slip silicone paw-print backing.  

It comes in two sizes – one that fits a 23-inch-wide seat and another for 30-inch seat widths. The cover has adjustable straps on the back to prevent slipping and sliding, and it’s available in nine colors including neutrals like beige and grey, as well as deeper, more vibrant shades like chocolate, burgundy, and navy. 


  • Nine colors 
  • Two sizes 
  • Waterproof 
  • Five layers 


  • Clear instructions required for keeping it in place 

9. Easy-going Stretch Loveseat Slipcover 

The Easy-going Stretch Slipcover is easy to fit, long-lasting, and soft, coming in nearly three dozen colors to add a pop to your couch or room. Made of polyester and spandex fibers, the covers are machine washable and durable. In addition to couch and large couch covers for dogs, matching covers are available for loveseats and chairs, all in the same rainbow of options.  

We love the stretchy edges that help keep the cover in place and the helpful tags to ensure you’re putting it on correctly. The covers are quite affordable, making it easy to switch out for a wash on laundry day or for changing things up for a holiday or special occasion. 


  • 35 colors 
  • Machine washable 
  • Stretchy fabric 
  • Matching covers for chairs and loveseats 


  • Not waterproof 


Finding the right couch covers for dogs is necessary in maintaining a clean and enjoyable living space while cooperating with your lovely family member’s needs. Whether it’s protection from stains, scratches, or simply keeping your furniture fur-free, the wide range of options available serve various preferences and requirements. Consider factors like material strength, waterproofing, and design features to certify the perfect fit for both your couch and your dog companion. With the right couch cover in place, you can enjoy the presence of your beloved pet on the furniture without worrying about the wear and tear they may cause.