Best Dog Brushes 2024Best Dog Brushes

Maintaining a clean and healthy coat for your dog is crucial, and using the correct dog brush will help make this process much simpler. Dog brushes remove any mats, loose fur, dirt, and tangles from your dog’s coat and can help reduce shedding in dogs.

Before buying a dog brush, you need to consider the type of fur your pet has so you can groom them properly. For example, long-haired dogs need a pin brush, while short-haired dogs require a bristle brush. We looked through hundreds of reviews to uncover the best selections for both types of dog brushes so you can find the correct one.

Best Dog Brush 2024

1۔ Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Dog Brush

Regular brushing is the best way to keep your dog’s coat healthy and avoid expensive trips to the groomer to remove tangled fur. A budget-friendly dog brush like this version from Hartz and a few minutes of your time can be a wise investment in your dog’s grooming routine.

We recommend the Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Dog Brush because it doesn’t compromise on safety or effectiveness. It features thin stainless steel tines with protective coating tips for a gentle feel on your dog’s skin. The downside is that the flexible tines sometimes bend with hair knots or tangles, making it less suitable for problem areas.

For your comfort, the ergonomic handle has a grippy coating, so the brush won’t easily slip from your hand during grooming sessions. While this provides a more secure grip, it’s worth noting that loose fur sticks to the rubber-coated handle, adding to the already somewhat difficult task of cleaning this brush. Dog owners report that loose fur clings to the brush head, and the narrow rows of bristles impede removal efforts. Still, this budget brush is an excellent choice for regular at-home grooming, and most pet parents find the extra effort to clean it worthwhile.


  • Affordable price
  • Stainless steel bristles with coated protective tips
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Gentle on pets


  • Handle coating attracts fur
  • Not very effective at removing knots
  • Difficult to clean brush head

2۔ Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Brush

To keep your long-haired dog’s coat smooth and tangle-free, you need to invest in a good brush and start a regular grooming routine at home. Bissantz recommends the pinhead brush as the best option for dogs with long coats or show coats. The Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Brush is an expensive but top-notch choice thanks to its hand-crafted beech wood body and handle and a higher number of ground pins – 30% more than similar brushes, according to the manufacturer.

This dog brush expertly glides through long fur or hair, which is denser compared to short fur. Cleaning debris collected from the brush head is also surprisingly easy. Although there is no rubber grip, the handle is ergonomic and easy for most people to hold. The downside of natural wood material is that some dogs have chewed on the brush, so keep it out of your pet’s reach when not in use.

Significantly, this dog brush features ground and polished tips on the pins, reducing irritation to your dog’s skin. To prove this, many dog owners have used the brush on their own skin and confirmed how much more comfortable it is compared to scratchy, unpolished pinhead brushes and sharp slicker brushes.


  • Ground pins available in three different lengths for various coats
  • 30% more pins than most similar brushes
  • Lightweight body and handle made from beech wood


  • No rubber handle grip
  • Wooden handle might tempt some dogs to chew on it if not supervised

3۔ Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Double-Sided Dematting Undercoat Rake

An undercoat rake typically has two rows of tines and is designed to remove loose fur from double-coated dogs like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. The Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Double-Sided Dematting Undercoat Rake is an excellent tool for this purpose. It has a dual-sided design with rounded teeth to keep the sharp edge hidden from your dog’s skin.

To keep your dog’s undercoat smooth and tangle-free, this dog brush is equipped with two different rows of tines. On one side, you have nine times meant to remove mats and tangles from the undercoat. After removing them, flip the rake and use the tight row of 17 tines to remove loose fur and smooth the coat. This is particularly helpful in reducing the amount of hair your dog sheds.

This dog brush offers durability and comfort with its rubber-coated handle, ensuring a secure grip regardless of which side of the rake you’re using. Additionally, while fur can quickly accumulate inside the brush’s tines, dog owners frequently comment on how fast and easy it is to clean this brush. It’s an excellent choice for dogs with medium or long coats but not as effective for short-haired dogs or curly-coated dogs.


  • Dual-sided design for removing mats and deshedding
  • Curved teeth to protect from sharp edges
  • Non-slip handle with rubber grip


  • Can pull too hard on some dogs
  • Not as effective on curly-coated dogs

4۔ Le Salon Essentials Rubber Curry Grooming Brush

You should always brush your dog’s fur before it gets wet to prevent any existing tangles from worsening, and the Le Salon Essentials Rubber Curry Grooming Brush is designed for use before, during, and after bath time. The rubber bristles are sturdy enough to effectively lift all loose hairs your dog has already shed but not to fall off and stick to your hair.

This tool has a convenient strap on the back to slip around your hand. It securely holds the brush in your palm, allowing you to brush your dog from nose to tail. This type of dog brush is better for short-coated dogs and is very easy to clean with soap and water.


  • Lifts and removes shed hair
  • Rubber bristles are suitable for use on both dry and wet fur
  • Hand strap keeps brush securely in place


  • Not ideal for long or thick fur

5۔ KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush

The best dog brushes promote circulation, distribute beneficial oils, and remove loose fur. Even short-coated dogs, which aren’t prone to matting or tangling, should be brushed every few days. Since their coats are thinner, using a sharp brush like a slicker or pinhead brush can damage their skin – or even your dog! Molly Bissantz from Grooming by Molly suggests a rubber curry brush, noting it as the least painful and most massaging of dog brush types.

KONG ZoomGroom is a great choice because it has flexible rubber fingers that effectively remove loose hair from your dog’s coat without scratching or scraping their sensitive skin. It can be used on most parts of the body, including areas where the coat is particularly thin, like the belly and legs. Many dogs enjoy the sensation of being brushed with the ZoomGroom, and pet parents report their dogs are calmer and more relaxed when using this grooming brush. However, the lack of a handle leaves owners with mixed feelings about how comfortable it is to hold. Some find it difficult to grip, while others say it’s easy to use.


  • Comfortable and gentle grooming experience
  • Soft rubber fingers remove loose hair
  • Can be used as a bath brush as well


  • Not designed for detangling
  • Some users find it hard to hold

6۔ FURminator Undercoat DeShedding Tool

Many imitators exist, and our testers tried several, but the FURminator Original DeShedding Tool proved to be more effective and durable than other deShedding tools we’ve tested. For dogs with thick undercoats, this tool can help collect loose hair and skin flakes before they have a chance to stick to your sofa. The stainless steel teeth edge passes through the dog’s topcoat to pull out any loose undercoat hairs. A curved guard around the blade prevents it from getting too close to the skin.

The first time you use the de-shedder, the hair just keeps coming, which is why this tool has so many fans. “Absolutely worth the price,” said one tester who tried both the long-hair version on her Border Collie and the short-hair model on her Pit Bull. Cleaning is relatively easy with an ejector button that pushes hair and dander out of the blade. There are various versions developed to your dog’s size and hair type.

However, some sensitive dogs get really upset by this brush, and you’ll definitely need to be careful around delicate areas like the legs. It’s only for use on double-coated dogs because the blade can cause skin irritation. If your undercoated dog also has sensitive skin, we don’t recommend using the deShedding tool, but it’s suitable for most dogs and comes in three sizes so you can discover the one that offers you the greatest control.


  • Effective for dense fur and untangling knots.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle.
  • Easily glides with rotating teeth.


  • Requires an additional brush for deShedding dogs with an undercoat.

7۔ Hertzko Self-Cleaning Original Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Original Slicker Brush is noted for being highly effective at removing loose fur, thanks to its angled stainless steel bristles that lift and separate dead hair and debris. We think the retractable bristles are the best feature because they allow for quick and easy brush cleaning at the end of each grooming session.

Instead of reaching between the bristles to remove clumps of hair and dander, there’s a simple button to push that retracts the bristles into the brush head so you can wipe the collected fur into the trash. Additionally, if you store the brush with the bristles retracted, there’s no chance of poking yourself with the bristles if you keep the brush in a bin or basket with your dog’s other supplies.

While grooming your dog, the rubberized brush handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip. However, this specific Hertzko brush only comes in one size (regular). Keeping that in mind, some pet parents critique the ergonomics of this dog brush, saying the handle size and the brush head make it a bit awkward to use. And while the fine metal bristles work to reduce and comb through fur and hair, they are less effective for grooming short-haired dogs.

All things considered, however, this dog brush has been used with great success on medium and long-coated dogs, and it is one of the easiest brushes to clean thanks to its retractable bristles.


  • Retractable bristles
  • Rubberized brush handle improves grip
  • Very effective at capturing loose fur


  • Not as effective for dogs with short hair
  • Not very ergonomically designed

Consider Main Things While Purchase a Dog Brush

1. Brush Style

Dog brushes come in different styles for use on dogs with various types of coats. Some common dog brushes include:

  • Slicker Brush: These have very fine wire bristles. Choose a slicker brush with bristles that feel gentle on your skin, avoiding sharp or scratchy ones.
  • Bristle Brush: These are made with soft nylon bristles.
  • Pin Brush: These have widely spaced metal pins set in a rubber cushion. Look for one with pins that have rounded ends to ensure the brush is gentle on your dog’s skin.
  • Combo Brush: Featuring two brushes on one handle, these typically have a bristle brush on one side and a pin brush on the other.
  • DeShedding Tool: These rake-like tools remove loose hair from your dog’s coat and often have curved pins and/or two or more rows of pins.
  • Grooming Rake: Resembling a de-shedding tool in shape, but typically gentler, featuring straight pins akin to a comb.
  • Grooming Glove: These rubber or silicone-coated gloves are worn on your hands so you can brush your dog by running your hands over their body.
  • Curry Brush: Made of rubber or soft plastic, these gently remove dirt and loose hair from the coat. They can also be used in the bath to work shampoo into the coat and remove more loose hair.

2. Coat Type

Choosing Right Dog Brush Based on Your Dog’s Hair Type

  • Smooth: Hair sits close to the skin, akin to a Dalmatian’s coat.
  • Double: A soft undercoat and a harsh topcoat, like a Siberian Husky.
  • Long: Long and thick with an undercoat—like an Irish Setter—or silky and long without an undercoat, like an Afghan Hound.
  • Wire: A coarse, short coat that feels rough and bristly, like on an Airedale Terrier.
  • Curly: Dense, soft curls that stay close to the body, like on a Bichon Frisé.

Short, smooth-coated dogs need a soft bristle brush, rubber curry brush, or grooming glove. For medium-length coats, you can use a slicker brush or pin brush. Long-haired dogs require a pin brush or slicker brush for grooming. Double-coated dogs that shed will benefit from a deShedding tool in addition to their everyday brush, such as a slicker brush or pin brush.