Dog Training BooksDog Training Books

Dog Training Books

Dog training books are guidebooks that provide instruction, counselling, and techniques for training dogs. They protect various aspects of dog behaviour, obedience, and behaviour modification, aiming to help dog owners and trainers teach their dogs new skills, address behavioural issues, and strengthen their relationship. 

Dog training books serve to different levels, from beginner to advanced, and may focus on specific areas like: 

  • Basic obedience 
  • Agility training 
  • Behavior modification 
  • Puppy training 
  • Advanced commands 
  • Trick training 
  • Service dog training  

By reading dog training books, you can get knowledge, skills, and confidence to train your dog successfully and kindly, leading to a stronger, more enriching relationship. 

5 Best Dog Training Books 

There are many dog training books so far, but we’ll discuss the top 5 dog training books to train your dogs comfortably. 

1. Don’t Shoot the Dog! 

If you’re looking for a book that’s as enjoyable as it is informative, then you’re barking up the right tree. Written by Karen Pryor, a developer in positive reinforcement training, The Spruce Pets says it’s effective not just for pet animals but also for your kids! 

 You don’t need to utilize shouting or threats to get your dog to follow commands. The book points out gentle, effective methods of training without utilizing force, punishment, disciplinary measures, or extreme actions, according to Bark Authority. 


  • Highly recommended by trainers. 
  • Explains positive reinforcement and why it works. 
  • Easy to read and enjoy. 


  • Can be hard to find. 
  • Around 40 years old. 

2. The Power of Positive Dog Training 

Long-time dog trainer Pat Miller’s book follows the model of positive reinforcement. Spruce Pets says it includes a basic six-week training program that’s easy to follow and provides a daily planner for those who like to take notes and track their pet’s successes. 

You’ll appreciate it whether you’re a first-time dog parent or an experienced one. Bone Voyage notes that the dog training books covers everyday issues like “jumping on visitors or digging — as well as more modern concept ideas like behavior shaping and clicker training.” 


  • The author is a respected, long-time positive reinforcement trainer. 
  • Includes a six-week phased training course. 
  • A one-stop-shop for tools, remedies, and training terminology. 
  • Available in many formats. 


  • Around 15 years old. 

3. Fun with Agility 

If your dog is hooked on Ottoman jumping or running free off walls, agility training might be a good idea. Fun with Agility is a trainer and professional sledge dog racer Margaret Bonham’s thing. She uses positive reinforcement, such as clicker training, to show how you can teach your dog to become an athlete. 

Designed for pet parents who want to have fun with agility — not just for those interested in serious competitions. The guide covers the basics and targets primarily beginner, active people, but also includes points for those already submerged in agility. No need to join an equipment group. The book has tips on making some easy, basic equipment. 


  • About having fun, not serious competition. 
  • Lots of pointers. 
  • Suggests making temporary equipment. 


  • Primarily for beginners. 

4. The Revolution in Dog Training by Zak George 

Zak George, famous for his Animal Planet show and boasting nearly four million followers on his YouTube channel, presents a relationship-based model for dog training. Bone Voyage Dog Rescue has praised it as “simple, yet powerful,” saying Zak’s techniques work even on strong-willed dogs. His book spans various topics, including crate training and dealing with separation anxiety, providing dog owners with a diverse guide to effective training methods. 

Since dogs don’t come with training manuals, this might be all you need! According to Pup ford, the book not only has plenty of training tips but is also very easy to understand. Additionally, it offers advice on selecting the right dog and preparing your home for them. 


  • Lots of practical tips. 
  • Easy to understand. 
  • Focuses on positive reinforcement. 
  • Includes YouTube videos demonstrating training. 
  • Contains combinations and suggestions.


  • Mostly for new dog owners. 

5. Decoding Your Dog 

Barking, jumping, digging, and biting. Such behavioral issues are common reasons for dogs to end up in shelters and rescues. This book presents a collection of advice from board-certified experts who are part of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. They all recommend positive training methods, disappointing things like dismissing behavior or shutting down dogs that bark easily. 

Each chapter is written by a different expert, but themes of praise and positivity run throughout. The significance of consistent treatment up to a certain point is essential. The authors write: “The moral of this story is that if the reward is good enough, the dog will work to get it, and second, what’s most rewarding to one dog can’t be to another.” 


  • Written by board-certified experts in veterinary behavior. 
  • Lots of practical advice and training tips. 
  • Repeated focus on positive reinforcement. 


  • Some repetition due to many authors. 


Dog training books are helpful for teaching dog tricks, dealing with behaviour problems and building a connection between owners and their lovely friends. Whether its commands or advanced training these guides offer tips and methods for caring instruction improving the bond between human and their canine friends.